Facebook Hack To Stop Bad Language On Your Page

Some people just get a bit carried away with their comments on a post or a comment from another fan on a Facebook Page. We’ve all had or have seen people on Facebook Pages that at one time or another feel they need to vent on a post or comment.  People can be very passionate about a subject sometimes.

There is the option to block this person, but they don’t always do this.  You do want to control the language that is on your page though.

Here’s a little Facebook Page hack you can use to stop unwanted language from appearing on your Facebook.
Go to your page settings and in the General settings area there is a section Page Moderation. Once you click the edit pencil at the right, you can type in any words you want blocked from your page. You can even type in !!!! too. When people are angry they often use the ! mark.
Block words from Fans on your Facebook Business Page

Keeping up with all of the do’s, don’ts and changes with social media can be very time consuming. If your social media is taking up more time than you have, let’s set up some time to talk about how we can help you with your social media plan.


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